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 Winamp Wrapper for Allocator 
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After a rather lenghty development process we are very excited to announce the availability of the Winamp Allocator Output Ver 1.0.
Written by Christian Budde- a well known audio processing and analysis software writer who has written quite a few VST and dedicated Winamp plugins in the past, it allows for running of the Allocator from within the Winamp. It installs as a Output module (not a DSP module). No more work arounds as to streaming audio from a media player to VST Shell. Simply install the wrapper and tell it where your Allocator is installed, assign the Allocator outputs to your ASIO sound card outputs and you can use it as almost invisible background process.

This is a free software for the users of Allocator. At this point it only works with Allocator. We will add Allocator Light support in the future.

It's in an early version 1.0 and there might be some bugs (I know of at least one at this point), so please be careful (volume down) when running it initially- until you know that it works OK with your setup. Please report bugs in its dedicated forum.

Download link:

Using the Plugin:
You need to have Winamp 5.x installed on your machine.
Run the installer (WinAmp_Allocator_Output_v1_0.exe)
You need to make sure the module installs in the Winamp installation directory (it should point to it automatically, but if you have it in an unusual, non-default location, point to it during installation.
When prompted point to the folder where you unzipped your Allocator. Click OK
Run Winamp.
Open Preferences dialog (in Options Menu- or type Ctrl+P)
Select Plugins-Output.
Highlight Allocator ASIO Output Plugin and click Configure.
You should be presented with the Allocator Interface with three additional controls on top.
In the drop down menu select the ASIO driver of the sound card you want to use
Control Panel button opens the selected ASIO driver

Routing opens matrix window where you assign the Allocator Outputs to your sound card's outputs.
the Allocator outputs appear as follows:
Output 1- low left
Output 2- low right
Output 3 -mid 1 left
Output 4- mid 1 right
Output 5 -mid 2 left
Output 6- mid 2 right
Output 7- high left
Output 8- high right

Turn down the volume, select a tune and hit play. If everything is set up correctly you will see the time counter move indicating playback.
In Allocator you should see the meters move as well.
Bring up the volume slowly to make sure your lows mids and highs come out of the correct outputs.
If yes, enjoy. If not look to the ASIO driver for possible sync conflicts, wrong sampling rate seleted, etc.
If you can't make it work, let us know the symptoms and hopefully we'll have you up and running soon.
But I have to warn you, it's possible that the ASIO driver and the Winamp output plugin don't get along. We didn't test on a lot of cards.
If that's the case it might be a while before there is a solution as Christian has started a new assignment and might not have a lot of time tending to this project.

It's a freebie, so treat it correspondigly.


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This is very helpful to me with an RME9652. My option's so far have been a clumsy loop back cable.

I hope there's an allocator lite version coming...
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